[NORTH] Nordic Pool

Your trusted stake pool operator. Official SundaeSwap Partner. Secure, reliable, and low latency with powerful hardware.
Based in Sweden.

North has partnered with the SundaeSwap team, meaning we are running a so-called "Scooper Node." We are one of 30 Scoopers whose job is to scoop up the swaps done on the SundaeSwap DEX and execute them. This is in exchange for a fee.

North is always working actively to make sure our stake pools thrive. We use all the tools we have to ensure our pools are visible to the community and ranked high in the official ranking systems such as Daedalus and AdaPools.

Running since the first main-net epoch (209), NORTH is here to stay for the long haul.

Ticker: NORTH (for all our pools)

Name scheme and correct Pool IDs;
#1 Nordic Pool
#2 Nordic pool
#3 Nordic Pool
#4 Nordic pool
#5 Nordic Pool

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