[NORTH] Nordic Pool

Zero procent pool supporting decentralisation and community. Secure, reliable, low latency with powerful hardware. Based in Sweden.

Running a 0% fee is not sustainable for any pool. Long term every pool needs to generate profit to survive. We have been running NORTH #1 at a loss the first few months when we established the pool.

Now that NORTH is finally established in the ecosystem, we have raised our rates at NORTH #1. But instead of a percentage fee we have chosen a fixed fee of 840 ADA per epoch. This means 840 ada is deducted from the pools total earnings (around 40K), before it's distributed to the delegators.

Our second pool, NORTH #2, is running at minimum fees and will do so until 95% saturation. This is to help it get delegators. So if you still want minimum fees, please delegate to our second pool. 

Running since the first main-net epoch (209), NORTH is here to stay for the long haul.

Ticker: NORTH (for both #1 and #2)

Pool names: Nordic Pool and Nordic Pool 2

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