NORTH is governed by a, since 2016, full-time crypto investor accompanied with an experienced developer.

Both being crypto enthusiasts, we are more interested in the decentralized vision of Cardano, than reaping huge profits.

To support decentralization without compromising performance we are running servers in Sweden and Finland (outside of server cluster), countries with internet infrastructure among the worlds best.

This gives our servers very low latency, optimizing block propagation abilities to the majority of Cardano network.

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Crypto investor

Crypto enthusiast since early 2016 and full-time investor since 2017. Loving the decentralized movement of Crypto and want to support and be part of the new future. His hobbies are meditation, acrobatics and traveling. He is also graduated Naprapath.


Father of 2, been a crypto enthusiast since 2018 and love tech. At age of 4 he got his first computer (IBM model 5140). Since then he has been doing coding, building and tech-stuff, both in the hardware and software area. That's over 25y of experience. Working mostly on MacOS today but can also handle Linux and Windows with ease.