Team North

NORTH is in proper hands, operated by two dedicated crypto Enthusiasts in their thirties. The two childhood friends make the perfect team of an investor working full-time crypto and a dedicated developer.

Both being crypto enthusiasts, we are very passionate about what we do! At the main-net launch, we went all in Cardano. We focus solely on Cardano, putting 100% of our efforts into NORTH stake pools.

By now, we, as SPOs, have passed the test of time. So far, over 10 000 people have put their trust in us, showing that we are SPOs to trust. North not only survived but thrived from the start until today. With slow but steady growth, we are now one of the most prominent stake pool clusters in the Cardano network.

The NORTH team also consists of two Community Moderators, LHelge and GAS. Welcome to meet us in our Telegram group!

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Crypto investor

Crypto enthusiast since early 2016 and full-time investor since 2017. Loving the decentralized movement of Crypto and want to support and be part of the new future. His hobbies are meditation, acrobatics and traveling. He is also graduated from Naprapath.


Father of 2, been a crypto enthusiast since 2018, and loves tech. At age of 4, he got his first computer (IBM model 5140). Since then he has been doing coding, building both in the hardware and software area (backend). Working mostly on macOS today but can also handle Linux and Windows.